Health competitions and news

Here at Just Comps, the purpose of our website is to provide information related to health, fitness and types of competitions that people can get into too.

We also provide information about the different types of fitness and healthy eating advice.

Our whole purpose is to educate the public on different types of health-related competitions and news that they should be aware of.

Some people may want to take part in health competitions to improve their physical and/or mental health.

Regardless of why you want to take part in health competitions: we want to let you know all the relevant information.

Important things to note

  • We are not skilled experts in any way. All the information we provide is either our opinion based from our personal experience, or it is written by medical professionals that have the correct creditations to write the content.
  • We do not charge any money for our content. Our website exists as a non-profit. All of the team are volunteers and designed the website as a passion project.
  • We do not organise any competitions. All the competitions that are listed on our pages are third-party ones.
  • We do not have any personal connection with the events we share.Again, these events are created by other people and we are simply sharing their content. We have not claimed any of these events as our own, nor will we attempt to.